If you've received unsolicited mail from one of our users, please notify us immediately at abuse@rankedbyreview.com. Every complaint is investigated, and you will receive a response from our abuse team detailing the action we’re taking to deal with the issue.

Permission Policy

Ranked By Review / Amplifier International prohibits clients from sending unsolicited mail, and does not allow the use of third-party, purchased, rented, or harvested mailing lists. Any customer found using Ranked By Review / Amplifier International to send such mail is banned from the use of our service.

Ranked By Review / Amplifier International takes several steps to keep abuse to a minimum. Among other things, we:

  • Interview new clients about both the origins of their mailing lists and their marketing practices. Clients who do not meet our standards are not allowed to use the Ranked By Review / Amplifier International service.
  • Read most emails before they can go out the door. Email sent through our system goes to a staging area where it is looked over by a member of the Ranked By Review / Amplifier International staff. If we have any concerns, the mailing is stopped and we contact the client.
  • Immediately open an investigation if a client receives an abuse complaint to our abuse address or through one of the feedback loops.

If you suspect a client of abusing our service (or have any questions regarding our policies), please do not hesitate to contact us at abuse@rankedbyreview.com. As noted above, all complaints are investigated, and you will receive a response detailing the action we're taking to deal with the issue.

Please Note: Follow - When you clicked on the follow button for a business you could have been subscribed to receiving communication from this business.

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