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2011-08-10 11:03 am

love it greatly!!!!!!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing


2014-02-15 09:00 pm

I was impressed by their service. Suzie was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this place to others!

Posted By: cathleen-cook regarding Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing


2012-04-16 04:28 pm

Nice facility and knowledgeable and congenial doctor (Holmes). Patient friendly office? Not so much. Be prepared to be told when you walk in that the wait-time is 1.5 hours, but if you leave to make the most of your valuable time, you jeapordize your appointment. Too, if you need to speak with a physician's nurse to clear up a simple error made by the physician, you again will be treated as if your time is not nearly so valuable as that of the office staff of EN&T associates, for you must wait until the end of their day, after five o'clock, before the nurse will return your call. This group may benefit from reconsidering ways to demonstrate respect and common courtesy to patients. With text messaging and email now available for most, contacting patients on days that physicians are running behind to let them know to come in a bit later would go a long way in improving doctor-patient relationships. Time also should be set aside for someone to return simple calls sooner than day's end.

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2014-07-08 06:32 am

Posted By: lisa-hamilton regarding Mountain Region Speech


2012-07-05 01:38 pm

Always a good experience here.

Posted By: robert-burns regarding Johnson City Hearing Center