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2013-07-12 10:09 am

A very interesting and inspiring gallery with friendly staff.

Posted By: tim-schwab regarding The Jeffrey Hull Gallery


2014-02-06 06:12 pm

Posted By: matthew-anderson regarding Oswald West State Park


2012-01-02 02:39 pm

Simply the prettiest. We spent three years in Oregon, and made it a point to travel to nearly all of the coastal beaches on the northern half. After experiencing all of them, Oswald West is still our very favorite. The walk down to the beach gives you a taste of some of the gorgeous old growth forest, and the beach is very, very accessible for kids and rarely crowded. There are great tide pools at the north and south ends of the cove with an abundance of starfish, rockfish, and hermit crabs, and a few chitons if you are lucky. There is a beautiful waterfall at the north end. The unique thing about Oswald West is that it lies in a cove, which protects it from some of the nasty coastal winds at the other beaches. We have been there on days where we traveled to Seaside and Cannon, and Oswald always felt 10 degrees warmer due to the wind shielding.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Oswald West State Park


2011-07-12 10:31 am

My husband calls this place Short Sands Beach. I wonder if the name has changed. This place is epic and gorgeous! Also, to the north near Cape Falcon you can sit in the sand and be protected from the wind. A must go!

Posted By: tiffany-vandecoevering regarding Oswald West State Park


2012-04-19 01:15 pm

This is by far my favorite beach in the entire state of Oregon and maybe the whole US. The beautiful oldgrowth forest and Smugglers Cove make for a wonderful place to enjoy the coast. Sway bridge, tide pools, and caves make for a wonderful place to explore!

Posted By: aaron-babst regarding Oswald West State Park