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    Klamath Falls,Oregon, Companion Pet Clinic, I have 5 doxies and knowing after a lot of research that one doxies could cost me 650 at the highest and the lowest was 250 with no teeth pulled. Their cost was 85 for a cleaning with a dog younger than 7 yrs. and 121.00 for a older dog needing a IV, and if they took out teeth it was 5 to 20 dollars a tooth. Their cost was the lowest and they help my Doxies way beyond what I am use to with our Vets around here. I have always like the Vets that are not Corp where money runs their business. First thing I noticed was that they were kind and friendly my Doxies were looked over for the dental evaluation for free, giving me a estimate. They have 3 vets and Dr. Bird was the one that worked on my doxies teeth. My two Doxies were treated and looked over by loving and concern techs and vets. I had met Dr. Wilson, (one of the other vets) with a friend that had a Doxie with a growth on its foot. He took the time to teach my friend what kind of growth and what choices he had. During the evaluation I ask about nail cutting when told the price I decided to wait till i got home deciding that teeth were my biggest concern at this time. I had explain to the front desk I was from out of town and my time constrains, I needed them evaluate and worked on in about three days so i could get back home, they set up my appointments so that I was able to get in and out. They also made sure they were release so that I could come home in daylight. They called me while they were working on Sowfee, they let me know that she needed major surgery and the cost. They had taken off some plaque on her back tooth and found three holes going into her jaw. They fixed the holes and the infection, also giving her a shot for pain and pain killers for home.Doing all this and surprise they also clipped their nails keeping under the estimate I had been given which the highest was 469.00 for both and I came out paying 256.00 for both. I was so impress that I will be taking my other 3 to them for their cleaning. I found and felt that they were more into what was best for my doxies and not the mighty buck, today true to form with the treatment I saw from them, I received a wonderful card welcoming me and thanking me, and asking me to elevate them. I can only write from what happen with my sweeties but I would recommend them, to all my Doxie friends