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2012-04-20 01:34 pm

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2011-10-04 02:38 am

One damn fine store!!!

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2012-08-25 10:32 pm

They have everything

Posted By: austin-talbot regarding Jack's Country Store Inc


2013-08-07 11:57 pm

Great little store, best prices and selection in town. Nothing compared to a major chain store, but best bet in town. Lot of great finds.

Posted By: katrina-thompson regarding Jack's Country Store Inc


2013-04-27 03:23 pm

I walked into Jack's back in 2006 just after buying our little mobile home here on the Peninsula. We were greeted by the owner, Lucille, semi-retired at that time but so friendly and kind to us. I am a jabberer and friendly and talkative, and she was too! So my first day at Jack's was an indicator of their great service and friendliness. But you have to see their merchandise to truly appreciate this place! They have so many unique, fun and funny and useful stuff! They have tools, fishing stuff, bikes, kitchen everything, barbecue stuff, homemade jams and jellies and one of the best candy selections in the universe, including all the stuff you miss from the early part of last century!

One little story about their devotion to customers: I rode my bicycle up there one fine day, planning to buy a bike basket and cart home my groceries in it. I had already priced the baskets and so I got one, and went to put it on my bike but needed tools! So the Boss of the store came out with his tools, spent half an hour putting my basket on my bike, and refused to take any payments for his time and effort. I love this place. We have saved so much money on gas becaue they have a mileage card and if you buy certain items in the store, you get money off gas. This year alone we have saved over $300 on gas. I know the other stores in town have more grocery item choices, but I don't care. I happily limit my choices just to go to Jack's.

Posted By: jennifer-trump regarding Jack's Country Store Inc